Sunday, September 25, 2011

A flea and a fly in a flute...

So... uh... still trapped in the basement here, boss. If you, you know, wanna let me out or anything. Kind of getting hungry. Er, well, I was hungry before, kind of starving now. Anonymous dead serial sadist tartar might have been good a couple days ago when I killed him, but it sure wasn't that great when I ate it a couple hours ago.

Sure wish I hadn't knocked that cup of water out of his hands when I killed him. Wouldn't mind a drink of something liquid, as opposed to coagulated. 

I mean, uh, if you want me to off this body, just let me know. No big. Since you don't want a girl any more. The state she's in now, it's going to take more than a few months to whip her into shape anyway.

Oh, huh... heard something. Hey boss? That you?

Bah, probably a mouse. Wonder if I can catch it.

Ugh, now the candle's gone out, and I used my last match to light it.


Friday, September 23, 2011

It's aliive!

Bet you thought I was dead. :D


Fooled you!

I'm back and ready for some fun! Master, I even chose a female body, just as you requested. I had to do some looking, but I found one that's not too weak. Though as always I'll have to do some work to train it to my satisfaction. I wish you would stop killing my bodies, but I'm sure it's just a test. I should be more observant. Still, the last was a very good body. Another month and I would have had it up to speed.

This girl... well, I suppose if I hadn't eaten her soul, she might derive some satisfaction from the fact that I killed her captor. Looks like he'd been collecting kids for some time. Well, no more. :) He's splattered on the floor and walls, painting the basement in glorious shades of red. Starting to smell though. Usually I'm long gone by the time they start to smell.

If I could just find my way out of here.... Seems he either had some secret way of opening the basement door or hid the key whenever he would come down to let his prisoners out of the box. Got so pissed, I made the only light in the place blow out. But luckily I found some matches and candles. Least this laptop works. Sick fuck was filming his little projects and streaming them to the web. 

Hey, I may be a murdering psychopath, but I'm not into the whole bondage, snuff thing. That don't make the babies, and while I sewed my wild oats a long time ago to make all these potential bodies, doesn't mean I don't like to keep in practice, eh?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ant Nest

My fa... My master is harsh but fair. I doubt I was the sole reason for the storm, but it was a good test. I proved myself.

I don't think my work was sub-par. :( Maybe it was because I hugged him? I know he doesn't like that, but I just can't help myself. He's my father. I am so happy to serve.

Soon we will get to play. Soonsoonsoon.

I wonder who I will get to play with first?

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Friday, August 5, 2011

And much fun was had by all...

little Lady
lost and dreaming
maybe crazy
stray thoughts teeming

tell yourself it's just a glamour
as you see your skin slough off
and that distant clarion clamor
is but your life as it's castoff

bloody earth and questing roots
will find you in the green
seelie and unseelie in cahoots
will cackle as you scream

goodnight, farewell, ado my treasure
parting is such sweet sorrow
that I shall regret the lost pleasure
of not killing you till tomorrow

It seems I dismissed the Unseelie too soon. They've still got some fun in them after all. I would have liked to have joined in, but it didn't look as though the big guy plays well with others. hehehe

Thuggee has ordered me not interfere until he comes. And he rather puts young Zach to shame with the inventiveness of his tortures. So here I stayed, watching events unfold. Reading the witch's tale of what occurred within the house, I think Thuggee will be pleased that there is one less player on the field, and also with my plan for bringing down the witch's wards. I will just have to be content to play with the other children when the time comes.

By the gods, sitting here and watching was getting boring. At least I had some entertainment last night! And watching the witch scramble to check all her wards to make certain none had been compromised was priceless. I'm sure she'd like to know how the dynamic duo got past them, but it's not like she did anything to keep them out, eh? All the little fae in her place, coming and going at will... stands to reason the noblesse would consider that a standing invitation.

When I first saw that unseelie ogre standing like a boulder at the edge of the woods, I did a double-take. Damn things always catch a person by surprise, appearing out of nothing. Soon as he started for that heap they call a home, I knew something interesting was going on.

Right away that bird-headed freak came running up behind the big guy, swinging a rusty old trap like a mace. Really they don't have fights like this any more; I know, I've searched pay-per-view often enough. The closest you can get to a good old fashion throw-down is boxing, and no one dies in boxing or uses weapons, more's the pity. Birdie (yes, I know her name- I prefer Birdie) hit him again and again, and the big guy just shrugged it off like nothing. He put up his arm a few times to block one or two blows to his face... as if he should care about his looks under that mask... but that was about it. Big galoot let whatever Birdie was swinging wrap around his arm and just pulled it and her to the ground before walking on.

About the fifth time this happened though, Birdie got smart and brought out the big guns. The ogre had landed one solid kick on the door before she came at him swinging a beartrap. A girl after my own heart. If I didn't think she'd eat my face, I might give her a kiss before killing her.

Seeing as a kick had merely rattled the door in its frame, the big guy hefted his sledgehammer like a man who's used to driving railroad spikes into the ground and let go. Course it was about that time that Birdie had the bright idea to open the trap before swinging it. The big guy actually deigned to look at her, not that he chose to do anything about the beartrap fastened to his arm. No, he just went right back to battering the door open. Don't know why, unless it was to be polite... give a little knock on the door to let the ladies know a suitor'd come a-calling.

Birdie zipped off to get another beartrap, and that's when the big guy's ally decided to show up. Can't say as I've ever heard of a seelie and unseelie teaming up, but stranger things have happened. Birdie swung her beartrap a few times, but the bean sidhe was having none of it. Got right up in her face so Birdie had to drop the trap and evade. I guess Ghostie figured that was an end to it and started to follow the big guy into the heap, but Birdie came back wearing sap gloves and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her back outside.

Had to be some iron in those gloves... I'm gonna have to make me a pair of those. Handy. hehehe

I couldn't see what went on in the heap, but I got my money's worth watching Birdie and Ghostie go at it like a couple of prizefighters. I gotta say, Birdie is one tenacious chickadee. I look forward to tangling with her someday. Maybe I'll even let her kill me the first time, just to make her feel good about herself. She swung and Ghostie made the weeds and bushes grow into Birdie's shoes and flesh. Nice, that. They made a sound like stale bread being ripped in half as Birdie dragged one leg and then the other from their bonds. She wasted no time in swinging at the bean sidhe, but Ghostie had other ideas and appeared behind her, shoving her so that she stumbled forward and would have fallen into a hole that had opened up before her like a hungry mouth. Birdie ported though, lucky thing... wish Thuggee would teach Me how to jump around like that. Ghostie was fast, but not as adaptable as Birdie. Got a fist full of iron right in the face and Birdie pressed the advantage, hitting her again and again.

Figures as soon as Birdie was getting somewhere, Ghostie would run away. I was looking forward to seeing her get beat to death too. I mean, name one time that anyone's ever managed to beat a fae to death with their bare hands. Never happened, ever. That's about when the witch came to the door; so I guess Ghostie didn't feel like sticking around once her friend's business was done.

Too bad though. Would have been a hell of a fight to see!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I have an idea!


Wouldn't YOU like to know what it is?

Tough luck, rats.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I can't wait!

We're gonna go to a party!
We're gonna go to a party!
We're gonna go to a paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaartaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And everyone will die!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This, your history

This is booooooooooring, but you really should know the nature of your sin against your masters. So I dug deep for this narrative. Don't blame me if you're bored to tears. These aren't my words. Someone else recorded this, once upon a time, and those Babylonians fouled it all up with nonsense in their Enuma Elish. This is the official story as the Igigi tell it. So you know you have no reason to complain about what's coming. You earned it. Good show... If not for you, I'd be out a job!

I hope the witch and her friends read this so they stop fooling themselves. The gods don't love you, traitors. The only thing you can expect when they return is judgement, and I will be right there, laughing away.


In the beginning, there was the Father of all, and naught but He existed. To Him is assigned the gender of Father, but the Igigi have no true gender. That was the first heresy of the Anunnaki.

The Father encompassed all of creation, was all of creation, and had within Him the genesis of all things that had been and would be. In some distant time, a measurement only given meaning when He was not, He had coalesced from the many to the One. Fission and fusion are His only purposes, and He wavers between them, sometimes Many and sometimes One.

In the course of His existence, when it came time to divide once more, He split into the two planes, the gross material and the finer spiritual realms, the desert and the Utopia, the wasteland and the Eden. This we will call the second Genesis, though it is believed the Father has divided and coalesced many times. Because with each division His fragmented children are not privy to what has gone before, we can only assume His purpose. Many  assume this division is for the evolution of new thoughts and forms; some few believe it is because the Father grows lonely and so divides to create separate selves with whom His many divisions can interact. 

In the spiritual realms, energy is plentiful, while in the base material planes, it is bound to matter and therefore scarce. When first these two planes came into being, many newborn spirits were lost to this void of energy, becoming forever bound to the quagmire of the grosser plane. As the two planes moved apart, stronger Igigi broke free of the grosser realm to cleave to the spiritual plane, but many were lost forever.

It soon became apparent that the two realms would cross paths again and again. With each pass, young souls were drawn to the material plane to become enmeshed in its heavy solidity, despite the will of older, more experienced souls that the material planes should be avoided. It was observed that the entrapped Igigi did eventually adjust to the material planes, investing their energy in the gross forms and miraculously generating more energy as these forms decayed and new ones were taken. Some Igigi took advantage of this energy to explore, while others chose to abuse the helpless Igigi who had lost their way and their memories in the grosser realms. To prevent these abuses, guardians were put in place.

Tiawath, mother of chaos, and her child Apsu, the deep, took dominion over the material realm, ministering to the needs of the young Igigi. In the course of time, the two realms parted once more and Tiawath and Apsu remained in the material realms. When next the two realms merged, the heresy of co-creation had occurred. Tiawath and Apsu had joined to make new life between them, a concept unknown in the spiritual realm. They taught their offspring, the Anunnaki, to do the same. From this abhorrent life, the material realm was nearly as full of energy as the spiritual plane.

The Igigi descended upon the material plane in delight, using the energy the Anunnaki had amassed as if in their own realm, taking on lighter material forms of a similar likeness where the Anunnaki each wore a form of his or her own choosing. There were quarrels between the Igigi and elder Anunnaki as the Igigi attempted to assert their rightful dominance over the less evolved Anunnaki. In their time of separation, the Anunnaki had grown so very different from the Igigi that most saw them as nothing more than a degenerate Darkling race. Even Apsu and Tiawath had grown strange and terrifying to the Igigi.

Tiawath rose from her slumbers, empowered by her office and the faith of the Anunnaki to defend them. She ordered the Igigi to stop in their depredations. This refusal to submit was the second heresy of Tiawath and her followers. By the power and office they had invested in her, the Igigi were forced to withdraw to discuss what might be done. The Igigi had bestowed upon the lady of chaos the Dup Shimati to defend the Anunnaki and could not defy her else break their own edicts.

Instead, some made merry, corrupting the young Anunnaki with knowledge which would consume their resources all the faster, knowing Tiawath or Apsu would catch wind of the ruse and be moved to anger. It was Apsu who was first to rebel. He and his eldest child Mummu made threats of violence against the Igigi. They considered the actions of the Igigi to be little more than noise and chaos, when the Igigi could plainly see that chaos was the hallmark of the material realms and its diverse forms. Apsu and Mummu threatened to destroy the bodies the Igigi had fashioned and weave the energy of the material realms into a barrier that would not be worth crossing for the energy it would cost the Igigi in the effort.

For a moment only, the Igigi managed to still the procession of time. Ea descended on the sleeping Apsu and Mummu and prepared to strike with the righteous wrath of the Igigi elders. But Mummu through some strange quirk of being first born of his parent’s union was able to move against the Igigi. He defied the magic of the Igigi and fought with Ea. Though the Igigi champion broke him in every bone and joint, Mummu fought on to protect his father until the spell which had held the material world between one breath and the next failed. Then Apsu woke; he saw that Ea had nearly erased his son from existence. He struck at Ea, and in the chaos, the nearly unmade one escaped. Ea killed Apsu, and to ensure that he could not reincarnate, he used his bones to make a palace, binding his soul to the place.

The igigi, taking a lesson from the Anunnaki, joined to create a being who would be as their champion against the remaining guardian, a master rather than protector, who would put the Anunnaki in their place. Thus Ba‘al Merodach was begotten and born on the remnant of Apsu by Ea, making him the most powerful of the Anunnaki aside from the wounded Mummu.

The other sons of Apsu and Tiawath roused their mother once more from her slumbers and stirred her to anger at the treachery of the Igigi. She called to her all the Anunnaki and even the Igigi who would stand against Ea and his offspring, and many Igigi did fall from grace and join the treacherous Anunnaki in their rebellion. Just as the Igigi had created a champion, so too did Tiawath create Kingu, who would stand in Apsu’s place.

To distract and delay her, the Igigi sent messengers to Tiawath, but her rage only grew as she demanded the destruction of Ea, who she claimed had unlawfully destroyed her husband and son. Though they did not yet believe him fit, the Igigi gave consent that Merodach should join battle with the army of the chaos dragon. Merodach was a wily Anunnaki however. He demanded that the Igigi further endow him with their power so that he might fight against Tiawath herself. And the Igigi endowed him with such power as only the Igigi had formerly held outside the material realm.

With his weapons and power, Merodach went to the plains of Tiawath where she had amassed her army; where she and the traitor Igigi taught the young Anunnaki how to make war in Eden. Merodach sought out Kingu, who was weak and flawed through his mother's grief. Merodach caused him to falter before the assembled hosts, and Tiawath rose from her forested sty, young Anunnaki clinging to her like Darkling parasites from the furthest edges of creation. She spoke, casting insults at Merodach and demanding he return to the Igigi with her bilious words.

In turn, Marduk baited Tiawath with knowledge of his mother, Apsu, and the death of Tiawath’s first born child, Mummu. The earth rumbled and broke at her rage. It was then conceived by the Igigi that she had become so invested in the material realm that she had become one with it. Herein lay the third heresy of Tiawath. Then the Igigi knew that her destruction was just. She had become anathema for assuming the place of the unnamed Father of us all. No single Igigi should have such dominion until the Father consumes us and becomes whole once more.

Before the vile Thing could weave her Anunnaki magics over our champion, the Ba’al cast his net over her and sent a violent wind into her face. Merodach grasped his great spear, the Abubu, and split up her belly, destroying her power of generation. He pierced her heart, pinning her and spilling her vril into the earth.

Her allies scattered with terror, but were easily caught up by Ba’al Merodach. He crippled them so that they might not escape the bonds of the flesh they wore to hide in some dark hole. The Eleven abominations which Tiawath's cohort had created were bound and made to slumber, and Merodach swallowed the vril of the god Kingu so that he was as an empty shell which yet breathed. Merodach took the Dup Shimati, the emblem of Tiawath’s sovereignty, and pressed it with his own seal and placed it on his own brow, taking the dominion over material plane.

His enemies subdued, Merodach turned back to the gross body of Tiawath. She was too powerful, too enmeshed in the material plane; she was the life of the material plane and the reason the energy upon which the Igigi depended had risen to such levels. Tiawath squirmed on his spear still, though she was fixed firmly to the earth. The Ba’al removed her eyes that she might be blinded from the truth through any future lifetimes and crushed her skull that her mind should be lost no matter if she should reincarnate. He slit open the channels of her vril and drank what remained of her life, though most of it had been lost to the earth itself. The Ba’al then paused and examined the now still body. He separated hair from flesh and took the skin as a trophy, returning to the palace of Ea. Measuring the dimensions of Apsu, he created his own palace, E-Sharra, from the skin of Tiawath.

The Igigi celebrated and did their champion honor, but still he was not done. He honored those Igigi who had given the most of their power to him, creating the moon, planets, and stars, before giving back to his dearest fathers their power and dominion over his creations. He then attempted to make a new thing, “man,” by spilling his own seed into the bloody clay of Mother Tiawath. At the end of his efforts, such servile and low beasts were created as no Igigi or Anunnaki had ever seen. Satisfied, Merodach withdrew to create his final miracle, the sun. At its first dawning however, most of his creations died, and the rest descended into the dark recesses of the Mother to hide from his glory in shame.

Merodach then spoke unto Ea, "I would create man in service to the gods so that we might be set free of the burden of cultivating the energy of this plane."

“The Anunnaki are gross abominations of myriad form. They should be remade in the form of the Igigi so that we might put the stamp of our supremacy on them for all time,” Ea answered. "Let one brother Igigi be given, let him suffer destruction that men may be fashioned. Let the great spirits be assembled and let one be chosen from among them.”

A dispute then broke out between Merodach and the gods, but Merodach said unto them, "Verily, I have taken your power unto myself, but it is easily restored in the resting place of the Igigi. In the end, I have taken nothing. Some there were who betrayed our cause and joined Tiawath in her revolt. Let he who created the most strife be given as sacrifice. The axe will do away with his sin."

And the Igigi who had stood with Tiawath and the Anunnaki shivered and looked at one another. "It was Kingu who created the strife and incited Tiawath to revolt against thee."

The insensate Kingu was bound in fetters, but it was not enough. Kingu had been greatly diminished by Merodach already. A second sacrifice was demanded, and Mummu's brother Dugga was chosen, second born of Tiawath and Apsu. Both were brought before Ea in the place of sacrifice, Uzu-mu-a, the bond of heaven and earth where the two planes converge first and last every Age. From their Vril mixed with the clay of the mother, the Igigi fashioned mankind for their service and were set free.

Yet still the new men were empty vessels, devoid of discernment. It would take millennia of care and teaching to make them suitable to serve the Igigi through toil and sacrifice. Merodach passed judgment on the remaining Anunnaki and rebel Igigi, his enemies. To redeem them, he pressed their souls into the bodies of the men to do that work which pleased the Igigi not. It is through their service and worship of the Igigi that they might be redeemed. Though the first men were mighty, Merodach made them flawed so that through successive generations, human kind would forever be denied the power to defy their masters.

Those Anunnaki and Igigi who stood by and refused to take either side in the war were cast down also and barred from re-entry into the realm of the Igigi. They were given the task of teaching the new men how to live under the yoke of their sin.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

La Elección Mis Objetivos

I am happy to report that his body has none of the drawbacks of the other. Perfect eyesight, no allergies, no psoriasis (that was annoying), and it may even be faster than the previous one. Just call me Speedy Gonzales. haha

I have been thinking it might be a nice change of pace to track down some of these folks following me and see what they're about. From her descriptions, this Skan person seems rather interesting... perhaps an Igigi. Maybe I can tempt her to our side. Is the Rake still haunting you, my dear? I'd be more than happy to rescue a damsel in distress. Are you a pretty damsel?

Perhaps you can tell me something of this Vindicate group to which you belong. Thees pussy cats trying to lure me weeth thees cheese. Hokay, pussy cats, I am luring! hahaha Well, until Thuggee gives me some clue about our long term plans, I suppose I'll just continue to find my own playmates. Really, my dear Skan, tell me where you live. I will clear away all your abnormal suitors in one night.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zombie Me

Back from the dead, and boy, do I feel good! <cackle>

You've certainly got potential, my boy. And your little miss, though she got squeamish towards the end there. Such an enlightened sense of humor though. Imagine if you two crazy kids made some babies! I'd be more than happy to take them under my wing, show them some ropes...

Speaking of, did you enjoy our riddle session, Lady of Shade? I must admit the riddle you left me with as I sat dying still puzzles me... sweet prince? Moi? I didn't know you cared, but I prefer not to be called such again. I really don't think it's appropriate, seeing as you and Zach are getting on so well.

Now I must be off to break in this new body of mine. The former owner was no slouch in physical fitness, but I have a very strict regimen to which I subject any new host. Unless Thuggee makes contact and gives me other orders, you may not hear much from me for a few weeks.

I know you must feel such an unbearable sense of loss! But never fear, I will return to your side forthwith.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Veni, Vidi, Nihil Fit

Don't know why I bothered following the witch home. I mean, I already knew where she lived. Scouted the place before, and it's nigh impregnable with the wards she's put on it over the years. I only managed to get in last time crawling through the eaves of the adjacent house, and we all know what that accomplished.

Fat lot of good it does me now that we're back in Jersey to know the Rake wandered away from his post. Last time no one was home, but it wouldn't have been hard killing the neighbor woman and her child and then getting in as I did before.

Such is life....

There will be other opportunities. Perhaps their allies might be the better target while I wait for my chance though.

The pretty little darling 
has a lover calling,
but ho? What's this? An offer of money?
Methinks he's not come for the hive, but the honey.

Has he done what needs doing,
this one who's been wooing
our pretty lady of the shade?
What is the cost, sirrah, of getting laid?

Why, oh y, do these lovely girls
always chase after the wealthy churls?
Some info please, I call to my friend
come aid me now, a means to an end....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New People...

Hello new people...

You're going on my list, right under this Prosper fellow. Next time I see him, that barmy proxy will have a few extra holes in his body. I am the stalker, not the stalked.

Don't take it personally, new people. Maybe you're not tainted, but you're definitely hunted. Which means one of two things. Either you were with the rebels in a past life, or you were one of us! Well, when we meet, I'll either kill you or kiss you!

I won't hold it against you that She is among your subscribers.

But this Prosper fellow... definitely one of Mummu's little friends and I'm itching for payback after the loss of my last body. That was a good body. This one seems to have allergies.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Wait... what? Shit!

I have a follower? How the hell did that happen? Who IS this guy? A proxy of some sort obviously, but how the hell did he find me?

And She is talking about stats and LINKED to my blog? I don't even know what the fuck that means!

I wonder how far away I have to be to avoid those wards of hers... Bet you didn't think of that, did you bitch? A nice rifle.... the kick of the gun...

True, I like the hands on approach better, like my hands around your throat. The feel of your neck under my fingers would be so very satisfying. Or maybe dash the little one's brains out while I make you watch... nail you to a wall and make you watch every little thing I do. I can keep you alive for a long, long time. I think I'll kill the beast-man first and feed him to you. This phobia you have about eating flesh is almost charming.

Having fun reading my words, bitch? I'll get you, one way or another. I always have. I always will.

Oh, I feel ever so much better now. I'll track down this Prosper and deal with him first. Then I'll find a way around your wards. I have a year. I can be patient. I can draw things out for our mutual enjoyment. Well, my enjoyment.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Humpty Dumpty fell from the wall
Humpty Dumpty looked a bit mauled

Too bad I couldn't hop on my motorcycle and follow her to her dump site. In her state, I could have dealt with her easily. But that would have been much too obvious, to her and all the other secret watchers. None of them has found me out yet, but that doesn't mean I want to tip my hand too soon. Besides, that big masked galoot with the X'ed over eyes went blinking after her, though I doubt anyone noticed. He must be quite an old soul indeed to travel with such ease. I wonder how his blood will taste...


My granny while on her death bed
She turned and said to me
"Why must you view life so morbidly?

I tried to teach you right
But somewhere I went wrong
'Cuz you sing those
Death death devil devil evil evil songs"

When six pallbearers put her down
And laid her body in the ground
My eyes were red
My face was very long

The pastor said "son here you are
Won't you please take this guitar
Sing dear departed Granny one last song"

And I sang death death
devil devil devil devil
evil evil evil evil songs
Hell you know that's how I get along

The world is full of tragedies
So how can it be wrong?
Singing death death death death
Devil devil evil evil songs

When I was shopping at Hot Topic
And I was walking out the door
When two dumb jocks came up to me
They said "Hey fag it ain't Halloween"
And they kicked my lipstick to the floor

And I sang death death
devil devil devil devil
evil evil evil evil songs
Hell you know that's how I get along

The world is full of idiots
So how can it be wrong?
Singing death death death death
Devil devil evil evil songs

When I went down to church on Sunday
I sat up front in a pew
The priest said "Jesus and Mary too
son what the devil's got into you
Get up and sing a hymn or two"

And I sang death death
devil devil devil devil
evil evil evil evil songs
And you know that's how I get along

The world's full of hypocrisies
So how can it be wrong?
Singing death death death death
Devil devil evil evil songs

When I was invited to the White House
The president pulled me aside
He said "Son sing us a song of peace
For those evil-doers in the Middle East"
I rolled my eyes and kicked this rhyme

I sang death death
devil devil devil devil
evil evil evil evil songs
Hell you know that's how I get along

The world is full of W's
So how can it be wrong?
Singing death death death death
Devil devil evil evil songs

Well then I died and went to Hell
I could tell right away by the awful smell
That this was clearly not the pearly gates
The devil said "come here young man
My wife and I are your biggest fans"
So naturally I felt I had it made

Well then he reached into an iron chest
And he picked the tool that he felt was best
And then he jabbed me in the shlong
With a pitchfork that had sharpened prongs
He turned to me and winked and sang this song

He sang death death
devil devil devil devil
evil evil evil evil songs
Yeah I know that's how you got along

I find your songs hilarious
But now your soul's precarious
Singing your death death death death
Devil devil evil evil songs

I'm just kidding kid
Welcome to Hell
Enjoy the buffet

Death death
devil devil devil devil
evil evil evil evil songs
Hell you know that's how we get along

The world is full of sinners
So how can it be wrong?
Singing death death death death
Devil devil evil evil songs

Alas, this is not my offering but that of a very funny fellow named Voltaire. It was on an IPod I swiped from one of my victims, and I have to say, I find him hilarious. (haha) I think we'd get along smashingly. Hopefully I wouldn't have to kill him, but one never knows before actually meeting someone. I think I'd probably apologize to the fellow, but... I have never shirked my duties, and he wouldn't be the first clown I've had to kill. Hell, he might even be one of the clowns I killed in a previous incarnation. Nothing personal.

Well, the chap who went storming into the ruin to kill the Lady's warped little gathering of former kinsmen failed spectacularly, as I guessed that he would. I must admit that it was through no fault of his own. Now that I've read both accounts, he might have taken both women down easily if not for the unforeseen arrival of the beast-man.

If nothing else, it gives me a better picture of what goes on within the walls. And now with the wards... I shall have to keep an eye out for opportunities as they arise, pick them off, one by one. It will be difficult as they have so many eyes on them at the moment, but it's not the hardest job I've ever had. Perhaps a little misdirection is in order. Too bad the witch trials are long done. I had so much fun with the Inquisition! Hmmm, maybe I can foster that kind of paranoia again when Marduk crushes humanity back into the stone age. It's almost too easy to make humans turn on their strongest defenders. These young souls always think first of what they would do with such power. Jealousy and paranoia are like reigns and crop; careful use of either and they practically do my work for me.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Oh this is too rich.... She comes so close to the truth and then fails, spectacularly. And she really seems to believe it! hahahaha

I am near her now, watching the cesspool where she's taken up residence. She's surrounded herself with her old confederates, and the lesser Anunnaki who chose not to become involved in the War. The ones humans used to call "fairies," a pack of thieves and layabouts if you ask me... though the unseelie sort can be fun. I've stirred up that hornet's nest against humanity a time or too, though they've all gotten rather boring lately... probably worried about what's coming.

Troubling though that she mentions Ea's palace in her little narrative. Thuggee, where are you? Dammit. I need your advice. Does she really know where the gods left their toys, I wonder? Too bad the fellow who went in snarling earlier ended up failing so spectacularly in whatever murder he intended. I'd have welcomed him into the brotherhood personally had he succeeded, even over Thuggee's objections. We're so few now, new blood might be helpful in bringing the rebels to heel.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Gone, Baby, Gone

Let me tell you a story

Once upon a time, some people thought they could get away with doing anything they pleased. They found a little patch to call their own and invited all their friends. Then, when their true and rightful masters arrived, they tried to claim independence, seeing as they were getting along just fine in the "desert" without them.

Let's just say that didn't sit too well with the powers that be.

His bones a palace facade
their son flayed and remade
and the lovely, lovely chaos lady....

hmmmm, remind me to tell you about the time I actually married her. That was a fun couple of years before I fed her to a crocodile. Well, my fun, not hers.

We mashed the rebels into the flesh they had come to enjoy so very much, forced them to live over and over again. At the end of this last great Age, those who have earned their freedom will be permitted to slough off this filthy skin and be reborn to true life.

And if you believe that, I've some loooooooooooooverly swampland in Florida, cheap!

There's no escape for you, my ducks. Which is why on my way to hunting down the bitch who cost me my last body, I stopped to smell the roses, as it were.

I was well away from the woman before she noticed her babe was gone, and he was well on his way to the bottom of the river before anyone even looked in my direction. I find it easier to take care of the freshly incarnated while they are still too young to fight back. And I do so love that new baby smell.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Back from the dead, yet again, yet again

Sigh... you don't know how tedious it is, finding a suitable body to inhabit. With my bloodline numbering in the thousands, it should be a simple task, finding an adult male of suitable physical strength. Sadly, humanity is made from weak clay indeed. Kingu was such a putz. I don't know what Tiamat saw in him. Though after what we did to her son, he was hardly suitable for the task. Poor soul was completely unhinged. /cackle/ Still is if you look at what he does to those nearest and dearest to him.

Twist and mend
refuse to bend;
we have the tools
to repurpose you fools,
and despite your dust and fuss-
all your base are belong to us!


Someday Rake, I'll have revenge for all the body's you've taken over the years. Does it still rankle how I killed every single one of your ugly, bestial race that survived the first sunrise? They were an accident, a template, nothing more. Marduk was merely experimenting.

I should have known it was a trap. She was too earnest in her belief in our rightful masters, despite her obvious taint. The signs are all there, but I have time. You won't catch me by surprise again, Rake. I hope you enjoyed my entrails. This body will not fall so easily. He had some training before I ate his soul and made his body mine.