Friday, August 5, 2011

And much fun was had by all...

little Lady
lost and dreaming
maybe crazy
stray thoughts teeming

tell yourself it's just a glamour
as you see your skin slough off
and that distant clarion clamor
is but your life as it's castoff

bloody earth and questing roots
will find you in the green
seelie and unseelie in cahoots
will cackle as you scream

goodnight, farewell, ado my treasure
parting is such sweet sorrow
that I shall regret the lost pleasure
of not killing you till tomorrow

It seems I dismissed the Unseelie too soon. They've still got some fun in them after all. I would have liked to have joined in, but it didn't look as though the big guy plays well with others. hehehe

Thuggee has ordered me not interfere until he comes. And he rather puts young Zach to shame with the inventiveness of his tortures. So here I stayed, watching events unfold. Reading the witch's tale of what occurred within the house, I think Thuggee will be pleased that there is one less player on the field, and also with my plan for bringing down the witch's wards. I will just have to be content to play with the other children when the time comes.

By the gods, sitting here and watching was getting boring. At least I had some entertainment last night! And watching the witch scramble to check all her wards to make certain none had been compromised was priceless. I'm sure she'd like to know how the dynamic duo got past them, but it's not like she did anything to keep them out, eh? All the little fae in her place, coming and going at will... stands to reason the noblesse would consider that a standing invitation.

When I first saw that unseelie ogre standing like a boulder at the edge of the woods, I did a double-take. Damn things always catch a person by surprise, appearing out of nothing. Soon as he started for that heap they call a home, I knew something interesting was going on.

Right away that bird-headed freak came running up behind the big guy, swinging a rusty old trap like a mace. Really they don't have fights like this any more; I know, I've searched pay-per-view often enough. The closest you can get to a good old fashion throw-down is boxing, and no one dies in boxing or uses weapons, more's the pity. Birdie (yes, I know her name- I prefer Birdie) hit him again and again, and the big guy just shrugged it off like nothing. He put up his arm a few times to block one or two blows to his face... as if he should care about his looks under that mask... but that was about it. Big galoot let whatever Birdie was swinging wrap around his arm and just pulled it and her to the ground before walking on.

About the fifth time this happened though, Birdie got smart and brought out the big guns. The ogre had landed one solid kick on the door before she came at him swinging a beartrap. A girl after my own heart. If I didn't think she'd eat my face, I might give her a kiss before killing her.

Seeing as a kick had merely rattled the door in its frame, the big guy hefted his sledgehammer like a man who's used to driving railroad spikes into the ground and let go. Course it was about that time that Birdie had the bright idea to open the trap before swinging it. The big guy actually deigned to look at her, not that he chose to do anything about the beartrap fastened to his arm. No, he just went right back to battering the door open. Don't know why, unless it was to be polite... give a little knock on the door to let the ladies know a suitor'd come a-calling.

Birdie zipped off to get another beartrap, and that's when the big guy's ally decided to show up. Can't say as I've ever heard of a seelie and unseelie teaming up, but stranger things have happened. Birdie swung her beartrap a few times, but the bean sidhe was having none of it. Got right up in her face so Birdie had to drop the trap and evade. I guess Ghostie figured that was an end to it and started to follow the big guy into the heap, but Birdie came back wearing sap gloves and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her back outside.

Had to be some iron in those gloves... I'm gonna have to make me a pair of those. Handy. hehehe

I couldn't see what went on in the heap, but I got my money's worth watching Birdie and Ghostie go at it like a couple of prizefighters. I gotta say, Birdie is one tenacious chickadee. I look forward to tangling with her someday. Maybe I'll even let her kill me the first time, just to make her feel good about herself. She swung and Ghostie made the weeds and bushes grow into Birdie's shoes and flesh. Nice, that. They made a sound like stale bread being ripped in half as Birdie dragged one leg and then the other from their bonds. She wasted no time in swinging at the bean sidhe, but Ghostie had other ideas and appeared behind her, shoving her so that she stumbled forward and would have fallen into a hole that had opened up before her like a hungry mouth. Birdie ported though, lucky thing... wish Thuggee would teach Me how to jump around like that. Ghostie was fast, but not as adaptable as Birdie. Got a fist full of iron right in the face and Birdie pressed the advantage, hitting her again and again.

Figures as soon as Birdie was getting somewhere, Ghostie would run away. I was looking forward to seeing her get beat to death too. I mean, name one time that anyone's ever managed to beat a fae to death with their bare hands. Never happened, ever. That's about when the witch came to the door; so I guess Ghostie didn't feel like sticking around once her friend's business was done.

Too bad though. Would have been a hell of a fight to see!

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