Sunday, June 19, 2011

Veni, Vidi, Nihil Fit

Don't know why I bothered following the witch home. I mean, I already knew where she lived. Scouted the place before, and it's nigh impregnable with the wards she's put on it over the years. I only managed to get in last time crawling through the eaves of the adjacent house, and we all know what that accomplished.

Fat lot of good it does me now that we're back in Jersey to know the Rake wandered away from his post. Last time no one was home, but it wouldn't have been hard killing the neighbor woman and her child and then getting in as I did before.

Such is life....

There will be other opportunities. Perhaps their allies might be the better target while I wait for my chance though.

The pretty little darling 
has a lover calling,
but ho? What's this? An offer of money?
Methinks he's not come for the hive, but the honey.

Has he done what needs doing,
this one who's been wooing
our pretty lady of the shade?
What is the cost, sirrah, of getting laid?

Why, oh y, do these lovely girls
always chase after the wealthy churls?
Some info please, I call to my friend
come aid me now, a means to an end....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New People...

Hello new people...

You're going on my list, right under this Prosper fellow. Next time I see him, that barmy proxy will have a few extra holes in his body. I am the stalker, not the stalked.

Don't take it personally, new people. Maybe you're not tainted, but you're definitely hunted. Which means one of two things. Either you were with the rebels in a past life, or you were one of us! Well, when we meet, I'll either kill you or kiss you!

I won't hold it against you that She is among your subscribers.

But this Prosper fellow... definitely one of Mummu's little friends and I'm itching for payback after the loss of my last body. That was a good body. This one seems to have allergies.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Wait... what? Shit!

I have a follower? How the hell did that happen? Who IS this guy? A proxy of some sort obviously, but how the hell did he find me?

And She is talking about stats and LINKED to my blog? I don't even know what the fuck that means!

I wonder how far away I have to be to avoid those wards of hers... Bet you didn't think of that, did you bitch? A nice rifle.... the kick of the gun...

True, I like the hands on approach better, like my hands around your throat. The feel of your neck under my fingers would be so very satisfying. Or maybe dash the little one's brains out while I make you watch... nail you to a wall and make you watch every little thing I do. I can keep you alive for a long, long time. I think I'll kill the beast-man first and feed him to you. This phobia you have about eating flesh is almost charming.

Having fun reading my words, bitch? I'll get you, one way or another. I always have. I always will.

Oh, I feel ever so much better now. I'll track down this Prosper and deal with him first. Then I'll find a way around your wards. I have a year. I can be patient. I can draw things out for our mutual enjoyment. Well, my enjoyment.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Humpty Dumpty fell from the wall
Humpty Dumpty looked a bit mauled

Too bad I couldn't hop on my motorcycle and follow her to her dump site. In her state, I could have dealt with her easily. But that would have been much too obvious, to her and all the other secret watchers. None of them has found me out yet, but that doesn't mean I want to tip my hand too soon. Besides, that big masked galoot with the X'ed over eyes went blinking after her, though I doubt anyone noticed. He must be quite an old soul indeed to travel with such ease. I wonder how his blood will taste...


My granny while on her death bed
She turned and said to me
"Why must you view life so morbidly?

I tried to teach you right
But somewhere I went wrong
'Cuz you sing those
Death death devil devil evil evil songs"

When six pallbearers put her down
And laid her body in the ground
My eyes were red
My face was very long

The pastor said "son here you are
Won't you please take this guitar
Sing dear departed Granny one last song"

And I sang death death
devil devil devil devil
evil evil evil evil songs
Hell you know that's how I get along

The world is full of tragedies
So how can it be wrong?
Singing death death death death
Devil devil evil evil songs

When I was shopping at Hot Topic
And I was walking out the door
When two dumb jocks came up to me
They said "Hey fag it ain't Halloween"
And they kicked my lipstick to the floor

And I sang death death
devil devil devil devil
evil evil evil evil songs
Hell you know that's how I get along

The world is full of idiots
So how can it be wrong?
Singing death death death death
Devil devil evil evil songs

When I went down to church on Sunday
I sat up front in a pew
The priest said "Jesus and Mary too
son what the devil's got into you
Get up and sing a hymn or two"

And I sang death death
devil devil devil devil
evil evil evil evil songs
And you know that's how I get along

The world's full of hypocrisies
So how can it be wrong?
Singing death death death death
Devil devil evil evil songs

When I was invited to the White House
The president pulled me aside
He said "Son sing us a song of peace
For those evil-doers in the Middle East"
I rolled my eyes and kicked this rhyme

I sang death death
devil devil devil devil
evil evil evil evil songs
Hell you know that's how I get along

The world is full of W's
So how can it be wrong?
Singing death death death death
Devil devil evil evil songs

Well then I died and went to Hell
I could tell right away by the awful smell
That this was clearly not the pearly gates
The devil said "come here young man
My wife and I are your biggest fans"
So naturally I felt I had it made

Well then he reached into an iron chest
And he picked the tool that he felt was best
And then he jabbed me in the shlong
With a pitchfork that had sharpened prongs
He turned to me and winked and sang this song

He sang death death
devil devil devil devil
evil evil evil evil songs
Yeah I know that's how you got along

I find your songs hilarious
But now your soul's precarious
Singing your death death death death
Devil devil evil evil songs

I'm just kidding kid
Welcome to Hell
Enjoy the buffet

Death death
devil devil devil devil
evil evil evil evil songs
Hell you know that's how we get along

The world is full of sinners
So how can it be wrong?
Singing death death death death
Devil devil evil evil songs

Alas, this is not my offering but that of a very funny fellow named Voltaire. It was on an IPod I swiped from one of my victims, and I have to say, I find him hilarious. (haha) I think we'd get along smashingly. Hopefully I wouldn't have to kill him, but one never knows before actually meeting someone. I think I'd probably apologize to the fellow, but... I have never shirked my duties, and he wouldn't be the first clown I've had to kill. Hell, he might even be one of the clowns I killed in a previous incarnation. Nothing personal.

Well, the chap who went storming into the ruin to kill the Lady's warped little gathering of former kinsmen failed spectacularly, as I guessed that he would. I must admit that it was through no fault of his own. Now that I've read both accounts, he might have taken both women down easily if not for the unforeseen arrival of the beast-man.

If nothing else, it gives me a better picture of what goes on within the walls. And now with the wards... I shall have to keep an eye out for opportunities as they arise, pick them off, one by one. It will be difficult as they have so many eyes on them at the moment, but it's not the hardest job I've ever had. Perhaps a little misdirection is in order. Too bad the witch trials are long done. I had so much fun with the Inquisition! Hmmm, maybe I can foster that kind of paranoia again when Marduk crushes humanity back into the stone age. It's almost too easy to make humans turn on their strongest defenders. These young souls always think first of what they would do with such power. Jealousy and paranoia are like reigns and crop; careful use of either and they practically do my work for me.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Oh this is too rich.... She comes so close to the truth and then fails, spectacularly. And she really seems to believe it! hahahaha

I am near her now, watching the cesspool where she's taken up residence. She's surrounded herself with her old confederates, and the lesser Anunnaki who chose not to become involved in the War. The ones humans used to call "fairies," a pack of thieves and layabouts if you ask me... though the unseelie sort can be fun. I've stirred up that hornet's nest against humanity a time or too, though they've all gotten rather boring lately... probably worried about what's coming.

Troubling though that she mentions Ea's palace in her little narrative. Thuggee, where are you? Dammit. I need your advice. Does she really know where the gods left their toys, I wonder? Too bad the fellow who went in snarling earlier ended up failing so spectacularly in whatever murder he intended. I'd have welcomed him into the brotherhood personally had he succeeded, even over Thuggee's objections. We're so few now, new blood might be helpful in bringing the rebels to heel.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Gone, Baby, Gone

Let me tell you a story

Once upon a time, some people thought they could get away with doing anything they pleased. They found a little patch to call their own and invited all their friends. Then, when their true and rightful masters arrived, they tried to claim independence, seeing as they were getting along just fine in the "desert" without them.

Let's just say that didn't sit too well with the powers that be.

His bones a palace facade
their son flayed and remade
and the lovely, lovely chaos lady....

hmmmm, remind me to tell you about the time I actually married her. That was a fun couple of years before I fed her to a crocodile. Well, my fun, not hers.

We mashed the rebels into the flesh they had come to enjoy so very much, forced them to live over and over again. At the end of this last great Age, those who have earned their freedom will be permitted to slough off this filthy skin and be reborn to true life.

And if you believe that, I've some loooooooooooooverly swampland in Florida, cheap!

There's no escape for you, my ducks. Which is why on my way to hunting down the bitch who cost me my last body, I stopped to smell the roses, as it were.

I was well away from the woman before she noticed her babe was gone, and he was well on his way to the bottom of the river before anyone even looked in my direction. I find it easier to take care of the freshly incarnated while they are still too young to fight back. And I do so love that new baby smell.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Back from the dead, yet again, yet again

Sigh... you don't know how tedious it is, finding a suitable body to inhabit. With my bloodline numbering in the thousands, it should be a simple task, finding an adult male of suitable physical strength. Sadly, humanity is made from weak clay indeed. Kingu was such a putz. I don't know what Tiamat saw in him. Though after what we did to her son, he was hardly suitable for the task. Poor soul was completely unhinged. /cackle/ Still is if you look at what he does to those nearest and dearest to him.

Twist and mend
refuse to bend;
we have the tools
to repurpose you fools,
and despite your dust and fuss-
all your base are belong to us!


Someday Rake, I'll have revenge for all the body's you've taken over the years. Does it still rankle how I killed every single one of your ugly, bestial race that survived the first sunrise? They were an accident, a template, nothing more. Marduk was merely experimenting.

I should have known it was a trap. She was too earnest in her belief in our rightful masters, despite her obvious taint. The signs are all there, but I have time. You won't catch me by surprise again, Rake. I hope you enjoyed my entrails. This body will not fall so easily. He had some training before I ate his soul and made his body mine.