Sunday, June 12, 2011


Oh this is too rich.... She comes so close to the truth and then fails, spectacularly. And she really seems to believe it! hahahaha

I am near her now, watching the cesspool where she's taken up residence. She's surrounded herself with her old confederates, and the lesser Anunnaki who chose not to become involved in the War. The ones humans used to call "fairies," a pack of thieves and layabouts if you ask me... though the unseelie sort can be fun. I've stirred up that hornet's nest against humanity a time or too, though they've all gotten rather boring lately... probably worried about what's coming.

Troubling though that she mentions Ea's palace in her little narrative. Thuggee, where are you? Dammit. I need your advice. Does she really know where the gods left their toys, I wonder? Too bad the fellow who went in snarling earlier ended up failing so spectacularly in whatever murder he intended. I'd have welcomed him into the brotherhood personally had he succeeded, even over Thuggee's objections. We're so few now, new blood might be helpful in bringing the rebels to heel.

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