Sunday, June 19, 2011

Veni, Vidi, Nihil Fit

Don't know why I bothered following the witch home. I mean, I already knew where she lived. Scouted the place before, and it's nigh impregnable with the wards she's put on it over the years. I only managed to get in last time crawling through the eaves of the adjacent house, and we all know what that accomplished.

Fat lot of good it does me now that we're back in Jersey to know the Rake wandered away from his post. Last time no one was home, but it wouldn't have been hard killing the neighbor woman and her child and then getting in as I did before.

Such is life....

There will be other opportunities. Perhaps their allies might be the better target while I wait for my chance though.

The pretty little darling 
has a lover calling,
but ho? What's this? An offer of money?
Methinks he's not come for the hive, but the honey.

Has he done what needs doing,
this one who's been wooing
our pretty lady of the shade?
What is the cost, sirrah, of getting laid?

Why, oh y, do these lovely girls
always chase after the wealthy churls?
Some info please, I call to my friend
come aid me now, a means to an end....


  1. First off: Fucking A, another psycho. y, you better make this game a fucking doozy.

    Second off: Twenty dollars. That is the cost. Of everything.

    Third off: You're only going to get one warning here, Dodgy. There's no shame in backing out of this one. There will be plenty of shame in getting your ass handed to you by a teenager.

  2. Hey, he picks the game, not me. He picks something easy, he gets an easy answer.

  3. What thing is held sacred only after being given to another?

  4. Oh! Bravethestorm! I think I like you. Come play with me sometime. If you're not tainted, perhaps I can bring you to the side of the angels.

  5. I'm not playing anything with a person named Dodgy. It's one of those things my mother taught me. And clearly a sanctity for human life isn't something YOUR mother taught YOU.

    That aside, I'd say no on general principal. I guess I can accept that there are angels, but I'm not getting within spitting distance of one. Or anyone with ties to them. I want nothing to do with any of that stuff.

  6. Ah well, if you won't come to me, I'll come to you. As for life, my friend, it is cheap- an endless cycle of squalling, bloody rebirth. I'm honestly surprised how dearly humans grip their transitory existence when they'll just be reborn into another body. They should thank me for hitting the reset button on their mistakes so that they can play the game again with better results.

    As for my name, how the offense, bravethestorm? Think of the Artful Dodger, and you have me. Though I am far more charming! It's as good a name as any, for I'll never give my true one. That, only my master knows.

  7. Alright, Dodger. If we're going to continue this conversation, we can at least conserve some space. Call me Zach.

    I think I had something else to say, but it was just consumed by an overwhelming urge to shower and scrub myself clean. Probably with steel wool.

    As for reincarnation...don't know, don't care. This life is mine. If I came back in another body, I'm fairly sure I wouldn't remember anything of this one. And I've grown a little too attached to this life to give it up for something else.

    I'm 19; I don't exactly need your reset button yet. And if you insist on coming to get me, I just might have to push yours.

    You asked why I'm lending a hand to our mutual friend? Shady?

    It's simple, really. Too simple for you to ever figure out on your own. You see, people help each other when they're in need. That's how we know we're still alive. It's how we STAY alive. I'm not going to sit by and watch her struggle, while I'm living it up safe and happy. I just couldn't find the selfishness in myself to do it.

  8. You have your way of helping, "Zach," and I have mine. Just consider, if I allow these reincarnated Anunnaki to do as they will, the Igigi will have cause to punish them all the more harshly when they return. I'm doing them a favor by killing them while they are still relatively innocent. It's a service I provide.

    And by the way, you fight the unrepentant Anunnaki and then don't understand the importance of names? Tch, disappointment! I thought you were a smarter adversary than that.

    But please, give me more names! I doubt Zach is your true one, but I'm willing to collect all you throw at me until you come to your senses. Then we'll play for true.

  9. Come to my senses? Dodgy, I don't even think I WANT to know what that entails, for you. Besides that, names don't matter all that much to me. It's a long stretch from a nickname to a true name; besides. Good luck finding out the right inflections to use in text.

    That aside, I've never met an Anunnaki, never fought one, and have no intention of fighting one. I'm giving a needy person some money, not strapping on an AK-47 and kicking in doors. For heaven's sake, I'm barely even a part of this. And I want it to stay that way, thank you very much.

    And you'll just have to pardon me for not feeling cold-blooded murder is helping people especially much. I give, and you take; I create, you destroy. It'll take a lot more than a few comments on a blog to convince me you can destroy for positive results.

  10. Anunnaki, demons, whichever word you prefer. You disliked the word angel, I thought I might give you a better one.

    Destroy? Moi? No, not I. I haven't the power to do more than play Cronus to my own offspring. The others I kill are merely recycled, body and soul.

  11. Stop SAYING that. It perverts all that's right about any religion that believes in it. Hindus believe in reincarnation; don't see them going about killing people until that person's happy with the life they have. You're grating on me more and more with every message.

    You know why I don't like the word angel? Or demon? Or Anunnaki? Or ANY of that shit? It's all just a bunch of ways we try to describe things we don't understand. And no matter what you say, you ignorant little shit, the only demon I can think of starts with D and rhymes with Roger.

    Jesus, even Baaztat was better than you. He at least had enough self-respect to be honest about what he did; he never pretended he was in the right, or that he was ultimately doing anything but ruining lives.

    Did you never think about the families? How they'd feel? You can't just soothe their pain by telling them their kid was a demon. Or by telling them their kid will just find a new body to be born into. You can't offer solace to anyone like this.

    You destroy. You kill. You bring misery, hatred, and pain. And, worst of all, you speak about all of this like you're a GOOD GUY.

    The only things we have, the only things we can be sure of, is the here and now. You pervert that, and you tear away that certainty, that one thing a person can hold onto. You make mention of Anunnaki and Igigi and all this other bullshit.

    I haven't once heard you mention PEOPLE.

  12. hahaha! You assume any human knows what's right about religion. It's allllll wrong. My dear, dear boy.... I was there the day after Marduk set all you know in motion. Perhaps I should visit the Akashic records and channel you the true story of the beginning. That swill the witch typed up has been rankling me since she posted it.

    The families...? Hmmm, well I suppose I could start killing them too. It is the compassionate thing to do after all. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll be sure to tell them a good friend suggested it the next time I have cause to end a life.

    But really, my boy, humans are little more than base animals. They are the very weakest of the Igigi, so corrupted by this material universe that they cannot escape it. They are to be pitied, and their blood spilled, so that by some miracle they might finally shuffle off this flesh for good and go home.

  13. You know what, Dodgy? I've changed my mind.

    I hope you DO come for me. I'll show you MY religion. MY stories. And I'll share a little bit of what I think with you.

    We're all animals. And every animal just wants to survive. At the end of the day, that's all any of us can need. You can pity a man without killing him. I'd know; I've done it for the majority of my life.

    You see, unlike you, I know where my home is. And I don't need to go anywhere at all to be there.

  14. Because every woman needs to whore herself out if she wants help or is offered it. Gotcha.
    Sorry, but no. I'm not like your mother.

    Now that we settled that... Mister BravetheStorm is correct. Mutual agreement, he offers help out of selflessness and I accept it because, shit, we could use a hand. Though, I am sure you're oh so aware by now. That being said, and your obviously confused mind straightened we can get to the point. Whatever you are planning, by and large, will not succeed. Taking aim at our mutual friend is a low move, Dodgy. But it's nothing that shouldn't have been expected from a bottomfeeder.

  15. Is that your answer? Sorry... it's wrong. :D

  16. Zach, I wish I could show you your true home, but this realm blinds and binds so many.

  17. So silly, Shady one, Igigi make their children; they are not born. That is a Anunnaki heresy, though an entertaining one to practice, I have found.

    Now don't be jealousy, my pretty. My feelings for our dear Zach are absolutely brotherly, whereas my business with you... well, that's both business and a pleasure.

  18. Fine. How many of each animal did Moses take on the ark?

  19. Two of each

    (and the answer to mine was your word or a promise)

  20. Incorrect, Moses did not take anyone on the ark. That was Noah. So, stalemate. Ask another riddle.

  21. Oh phooey I mean, Moses didn't take anything on the ark


    Anyway! New Riddle!

  22. (Riddles are fun!)

    Seven men were on their way to Church when it began to pour. The six that ran were soaked to the bone, but the one that did not stayed dry. How can this be?

  23. hehe, no... The six were pallbearers and the one who did not run was dead in the box they carried and therefore safe from the rain.

    I can has riddle nao?

    (I could almost forgo the prize and riddle with you all the day long.)

  24. Said the prince to his officials, "You are hereby stripped of your wealth, rank, and status." Said the officials to the prince, "Oh, please, oh great prince, spend our gold and steal our crowns, but do not remove our titles! Our worthless selves have nothing but those to live on."

  25. Answer: Titles are worthless :D

    But we can keep playing if you like! So few people like my games.

  26. Very good...very well. What would you like to know?

  27. Just a little info, if you would be so kind. Contact me in private at If you decide what I ask should not be conducted in private, you may post your answer here.

    But we will play again. That last riddle was quite challenging! And I am so seldom challenged.

  28. You'll find something quite challenging soon enough, my Dodgy friend.

    Tell me, though. What's your favorite color? It's only proper that I allow you that much.

    And whatever's in my true home isn't worth losing what I've found here. I've got too much left to do before I accept your offer.

  29. Hmmm I do believe my favorite color is currently purple.