Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zombie Me

Back from the dead, and boy, do I feel good! <cackle>

You've certainly got potential, my boy. And your little miss, though she got squeamish towards the end there. Such an enlightened sense of humor though. Imagine if you two crazy kids made some babies! I'd be more than happy to take them under my wing, show them some ropes...

Speaking of, did you enjoy our riddle session, Lady of Shade? I must admit the riddle you left me with as I sat dying still puzzles me... sweet prince? Moi? I didn't know you cared, but I prefer not to be called such again. I really don't think it's appropriate, seeing as you and Zach are getting on so well.

Now I must be off to break in this new body of mine. The former owner was no slouch in physical fitness, but I have a very strict regimen to which I subject any new host. Unless Thuggee makes contact and gives me other orders, you may not hear much from me for a few weeks.

I know you must feel such an unbearable sense of loss! But never fear, I will return to your side forthwith.



  1. You son of a bitch., not even gonna ask. I've seen too much shit not to believe in this sort of thing.

    I'll find you again. You're a skidmark on this planet, and I'll clean you up. I'll get rid of you, time and time again, until you stay gone.

    So help me God, I'll fix everything you've broken. And then I'll break you. I'll break you so bad, even Thuggee won't fix you.

  2. You let them kill you? Disappointing.

    I'm here now. I'm not yet adept in the use of the internet, but now that I've arrived we can TRULY begin.

  3. Well, once they shot me in the leg, I figured, why not? heh Faster to change bodies than heal.

    Besides! You should be proud of me! I know ever so much more about them now.

    And you should meet Zach. I think you'd like him very much. There's a mean streak in that boy. Do you suppose he's a lost acolyte?

  4. Really, Dodgy? You think you know ANYTHING about me?

    I'm insulted. I'm also a little nauseous, but that's for entirely different reasons.

    I'm going to end you, Dodgy. I'll OBLITERATE you. You AND Thuggee.

  5. See how fun he is? He has a great sense of humor too. Can we adopt him, pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase?

  6. Perhaps, if he can learn to behave like a good pet. Prioritize, please. I suppose your previous encounters with this child and his companions have reaped benefits. Zachary, the time for "obliteration" will come soon. I hope you are as eager as I am.