Sunday, July 10, 2011

La Elección Mis Objetivos

I am happy to report that his body has none of the drawbacks of the other. Perfect eyesight, no allergies, no psoriasis (that was annoying), and it may even be faster than the previous one. Just call me Speedy Gonzales. haha

I have been thinking it might be a nice change of pace to track down some of these folks following me and see what they're about. From her descriptions, this Skan person seems rather interesting... perhaps an Igigi. Maybe I can tempt her to our side. Is the Rake still haunting you, my dear? I'd be more than happy to rescue a damsel in distress. Are you a pretty damsel?

Perhaps you can tell me something of this Vindicate group to which you belong. Thees pussy cats trying to lure me weeth thees cheese. Hokay, pussy cats, I am luring! hahaha Well, until Thuggee gives me some clue about our long term plans, I suppose I'll just continue to find my own playmates. Really, my dear Skan, tell me where you live. I will clear away all your abnormal suitors in one night.


  1. Don’t get your hopes up m’dear, I’m already affiliated with VINDICATE. And quite frankly, I’d rather let the Rake get me.

    You want to know of VINDICATE? Sorry m’dear, can’t say a thing. Unless you were planning on joining…

    Why would I tell you where I live? Don’t you enjoy the hunt?

  2. Oh my darling Skan! I do know how a woman likes to be pursued. Is finding you part of my quest, dear? I shall find you then, and then slay that vile Rake, or die trying, and then come back and try again. It's a game we play, he and I. Not that you should feel slighted by the attention I pay him. It's all to show my devotion, I assure you.

    And what if I did join Vindicate, or is it VINDICATE? Would that win your heart, my dear? Shall I go down on bended knee and ask this Avatar for your hand? He and his Spellbinder cohort seem rather old fashioned. Would they appreciate the effort?

    Tell me how shall I woo you, love?

  3. Winning my heart shall be a difficult task indeed, though slaying the Rake is a good start. Perhaps if you killed a certain Executor, and destroyed a group known as MASC…

    It’s VINDICATE. Haha, I don’t think they would appreciate that, but I would love to see you ask them.

    You’re such a charmer, dearheart.

  4. Oh.... I LIKE a girl with high standards. The Rake I would kill just because he needs killing. MASC I will have to look into.

    And if it is your wish that I ask VINDICATE for the right to woo you, I can do that too. I thought VINDICATE and Executor were friends though. How would they feel if I killed him?

    Alas our love may be forbidden, fair damsel...

    We can still make with the babies though?

  5. No doubt you’ll need their permission. And I highly doubt that VINDICATE cares whether the Executor lives or dies.

    Heheh, I’m not fond of children.

  6. My dear Skan! You're a woman after my own heart! I can't stand the little ankle biters. If you are amenable, we can abandon the little monsters on doorsteps all across this great country of yours. And Thuggee willing, I'll show you how to use them to become immortal. You don't have to care about the drooling little shitbags for them to be useful later, I assure you.

  7. Meh, childbirth is too much of a hassle, I think.

    As tempting as that sounds, immortality doesn’t appeal to me.

  8. Oh the gods... What is going on, Dodgy? This hormone-based relationship is... unorthodox. You did not request my permission to pursue this creature in a reproductive or romantic manner. Inconsiderate little beast, I believe it is time for you and I to have a face-to-face discussion concerning the situation at hand.

  9. I was just having fun. :( You don't have to get all pissy about it. I don't think even she thought I was serious, though it could have been interesting!

    You never appreciate me. And I just broke this body in too. You're not going to stab me in the leg again are you?

    Well, at least you'll give me some work. I am so boooooooooooooooored.

  10. That's alright. Maybe some other time, pretty lady. Right now, I've gotta deal with the boss.

  11. Alright. Goodbye for now, dearheart.