Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ant Nest

My fa... My master is harsh but fair. I doubt I was the sole reason for the storm, but it was a good test. I proved myself.

I don't think my work was sub-par. :( Maybe it was because I hugged him? I know he doesn't like that, but I just can't help myself. He's my father. I am so happy to serve.

Soon we will get to play. Soonsoonsoon.

I wonder who I will get to play with first?


  1. I've told your puppet master the same thing.

    Come at me bro.

    I dare you, Proxy.

  2. Proxy? PROXY???

    Now I'm insulted. You're the proxy waiting to happen, boy. Not I.

    I don't know what Thuggee sees in you at all.

  3. Good boy, Dodgy. You managed to survive,I'm not sure if I should be pleased or not.

    As for playing, you can have the leftovers once I've finished. I want to have the first taste of these fruits.

  4. But... I did good. Why would you not be pleased? :(

  5. If you happen to die anytime soon, make sure that your next body is female.

    And don't act so disappointed. You will have opportunities to please me soon.

  6. ... female? :< Uh... any particular reason?