Friday, September 23, 2011

It's aliive!

Bet you thought I was dead. :D


Fooled you!

I'm back and ready for some fun! Master, I even chose a female body, just as you requested. I had to do some looking, but I found one that's not too weak. Though as always I'll have to do some work to train it to my satisfaction. I wish you would stop killing my bodies, but I'm sure it's just a test. I should be more observant. Still, the last was a very good body. Another month and I would have had it up to speed.

This girl... well, I suppose if I hadn't eaten her soul, she might derive some satisfaction from the fact that I killed her captor. Looks like he'd been collecting kids for some time. Well, no more. :) He's splattered on the floor and walls, painting the basement in glorious shades of red. Starting to smell though. Usually I'm long gone by the time they start to smell.

If I could just find my way out of here.... Seems he either had some secret way of opening the basement door or hid the key whenever he would come down to let his prisoners out of the box. Got so pissed, I made the only light in the place blow out. But luckily I found some matches and candles. Least this laptop works. Sick fuck was filming his little projects and streaming them to the web. 

Hey, I may be a murdering psychopath, but I'm not into the whole bondage, snuff thing. That don't make the babies, and while I sewed my wild oats a long time ago to make all these potential bodies, doesn't mean I don't like to keep in practice, eh?


  1. Good boy. Come home soon, there are many tasks that need completion. Unfortunately, you're a bit late. I no longer have a need for a female specimen... Oh well.

    Would you like me to come get you? I need you for something. How is your new body feeling? Is it battle ready?

  2. Oh... no... well, she's been starved a bit and tortured. But she was the strongest female body I could find near to our last location.

    But if you come let me out, I'm sure I could have her up to speed in no time.

  3. By the way, master? How are you? I saw that you were holding your side at the end of the battle. I was worried. Maybe that was why I was so distracted when those cowards shot me?